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Work Samples

Drafting & System Design

Rebecca Oaxaca Lays Down a Bunt @ UCI, 2022
Though this comedy did not have much in the way of internal sound cue needs, I spent a great deal of time on the delivery system as it was important to make sure the poor vocal acoustics of the Claire Trevor Theatre did not negatively impact the pacing or energy of the piece! Because many of the actors were in various stages of undress throughout the play, body-micing them was not an option, so I instead opted to area-mic the entire set. To avoid the musical theatre convention of having everyone's voice come from the same central overhead spot, & instead give the actors' voices a very naturalistic lift, I used an extensively planned-out speaker system with 2 Meyer Galaxy processors, which allowed me to make use of the haas effect with delay-matrixed zones. The result was a very transparent system that the show's A1 barely had to adjust throughout the performances!

Audio Theatre @ UCI, 2021
For their first mainstage show back on campus following the Covid-19 shutdown, UC Irvine opted to produce a show comprised of 6 shorter (15-30 min.) student-written audio dramas, which were directed by 6 MFA & BFA student directors & designed by 4 MFA sound designers, featuring fully-reinforced casts of 1-12, some of whom also did live foley work. I designed 2 of the plays, but as the overall system designer, I was responsible for putting together a system that was flexible enough to meet each designer's needs for their plays & that would allow us to capture each performance faithfully (as they are being released for home listening at a later date), but in a way that also let us change & fix things in the post-production process if need be.

Living Out @ UCI, 2020
Note: Though all system design was completed by me, my assistant, Hunter Moody, was responsible for the bulk of the drafting for this show; any drawings by him are notated on their plates!
This show was a fun challenge for me as it was performed in the round in a black box space with a lot of overhead scenery, obscuring many traditional speaker hang points in the venue. Sound helped carry the story forward in transitions & during the climax of the show with sound collages that were sent all around audiences via many small speakers dropped on allthread from the grid overhead behind audience seating banks, and a center cluster of larger speakers focused down to each seating bank carried music I composed with rhythmic found sound loops. 

Content Design

Apologies; updated content design examples coming soon! In the meantime, please feel free to check out my old portfolio to see/hear examples of some of my previous work.

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